Tucson US District Judge postpones Jared Loughner competency hearing this month

Today the Associated Press reported that a status hearing on the competency of Jared Loughner has been pushed back until early August 2012.

U.S. District Judge Larry Burns rescheduled Loughner’s status hearing to Aug. 7 to determine whether Loughner will stand trial for the Tucson shooting in January 2011.

Psychiatric medication may help stabilize a mentally ill person for a period of time, ranging from weeks to a few years. In local Tucson cases we have been involved in, its very illusive to get medications to work more than a few years, then its back to square one, danger to self and others.

Many, many mentally ill patients are currently unstable, even with meds, this is a big problem in our country, and in Tucson too.

Our local crisis response centers are not even stabilizing these patients anymore before they are released, its a bad situation.

Its only a matter of time before another cry for help is ignored unto suicide or worse.

Our tax dollars should at least work to keep us safe. If you agree, tell your legislators,
and write and file grievances with your case management, and the care providers.

Thanks guys (caregivers and patients trying to get help) for hanging in there, we are trying to get the word out about your situation. Its usually a miracle for a mentally ill person to even recognize they have a problem ! Most don’t.

Even if the judge could (by court order) medicate someone into holding together for a trial, its a denial of the facts about how far those medications can go. A year is plenty of time to see if medications were needed or not, and if they worked or not.

Maybe Loughner is a sane criminal fanatic too. We don’t see the mentally ill going so far
normally, but then again… My writings here are a warning that some of our mental illness problems in Tucson are indeed out of control.

Anyway, the judge has the tough job to decide now, and not kick the can down the road using hopeful medication scenarios, running up the bill for taxpayers.

Prayers do work, lets get going !

Here are my friends at the legislature who are sending a lot of money (millions) to the providers, eg. CPSA:

Honorable Cecil Ash, House Health Committee Chair: cash@azleg.gov

Honorable Nancy Barto, Seante Health Committe Chair: nbarto@azleg.gov

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