Immoral Activity at Catholic Hospitals

nee-pix2The newspaper of the Catholic Bishop Thomas Olmstead in Phoenix, AZ, the Catholic Sun reported today that San Francisco based Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) hospitals in the Phoenix area, including St. Joseph’s Hospital are not really Catholic, and that prolifers and Christians should beware of the actions being taken at these facilities against Christian morality.

We are waiting comment from Tucson Bishop Kicanis regarding also condemning CHW hospitals in Tucson which include St. Joseph’s, St. Mary’s, Tucson Heart Hospital and others.

Bishop Olmstead also revealed that Mercy Care, the Arizona Medicaid AHCCCS contractor is also responsible for these same activities, and is Arizona taxpayer funded.

The report said:

“Through its involvement in the Mercy Care Plan, the bishop said CHW has been responsible for a litany of practices in direct conflict with Catholic teaching. These include: contraceptive counseling, provision of various forms of contraception, voluntary sterilization, and abortions “. This includes abortifacient birth control pills linked to breast cancer. This includes abortion pills, also known as “Morning After” pills that kill babies. The pain experienced by babies in the womb is well documented.

Governor Jan Brewer, a prolifer, may well see these as prime targets for AHCCCS funding cuts, since the prolife voting majority in Arizona does not want to fund these immoral actions.

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