Dental Care Needed for Mentally Ill

nee-new2In Tucson, many special needs “young and old kids” have had practically no dental care
for years. This is a urgent call to anyone to share with us, how to get your special needs loved one to agree to go to the dentist, for just routine visits (exam and X-rays are free here in Tucson – one per person).

Please email us, and we will publish your tips to help others, before its too late, and they get false teeth or worse at half the normal age.

Routine visits (dental exam once per year, cleanings once or twice per year) are proven
to reduce dental problems such as painful, expensive emergency work. Mentally ill people
cannot communicate well in such situations, and could become very difficult to deal
with. Let’s not allow this situation to deteriorate any further, share your ideas, which
are sorely needed (thanks guys).

Some causes of psychosis can be traced to painful dental
conditions, and so affect general public safety, since violent, manic or even paranoid psychosis and depression are problems that seems to be surfacing all too frequently in this town. Ask your local Pima county library staff downtown, who deal with many homeless mentally ill people of all ages day after day, its way out of hand.

Its sad to see their teeth in advanced decay when they smile, further reducing their ability to recover and relate to others, accept potential employment, and so on.  Or else it adds to our jail funding health costs, since many mentally ill homeless are shuffled in and out of the systems, which are already overwhelmed.

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