AZ Media Programs on Releasing Mentally Ill Prisoners

acollier-article10Frontline:The Released schedule for Tucson channel 6 PBS

Each year, hundreds of thousands of prisoners with serious mental illnesses will be released into communities across America, the largest exodus in the nation’s history. Typically, mentally ill offenders leave prison with a bus ticket, $75 and two weeks worth of medication. Within 18 months, nearly two-thirds are re-arrested. In this follow up to the film “The New Asylums,” FRONTLINE examines what happens to the mentally ill when they leave prison and why they return at such alarming rates. The stories of the released — along with interviews with parole officers, social workers, and psychiatrists — provide a rare look at the lives of the mentally ill as they struggle to stay out of prison and reintegrate into society.

Credit: Arizona Public Media Schedule
When to Watch

* 12/7/2010 10 p.m. on PBS HD
* 12/8/2010 3 a.m. on PBS HD
* 12/10/2010 7 p.m. on PBS World

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